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Alejandra de la Fuente





Alejandra de la Fuente M. Ed.

Director of Transcript Evaluations

Alejandra de la Fuente earned a master’s degree in educational administration from the
University of Texas at Brownsville and has worked as both an elementary assistant
principal and middle school dean of instruction. Prior, Ms. De la Fuente was the first
teacher hired in Brownsville ISD to pilot and implement the LUCHA Program in
partnership with The University of Texas at Austin. For over 10 years, her work with
recent immigrant students included reviewing and interpreting foreign coursework and
collaborating with school counselors to ensure correct academic placement for “her
kids.” Ms. De la Fuente is bilingual and completed most of her education in Mexico
which allowed her to be the first line of support both academically and emotionally for
these students; many of whom she now calls friends. Ms. De la Fuente is a fierce
advocate of all immigrant students and the education they bring and has shared her
knowledge of transcript interpretation with individuals and school districts from around
the country. Her true calling is helping all recent immigrants reach their full potential
and achieve the American dream.

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