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Alejandro Mojíca
Multilingual Director of Pflugerville ISD 

Calculated the ValidateME! savings to Pflugerville ISD and kindly shares it with all districts:

Total # of foreign transcript evaluations in 2021/2022 school year: 117

Total # of credits awarded in 117 evaluations: 1008

Average cost of 1 credit in Texas: $1127

Total Earned Value (# of credits x cost of credit): $1,136,016

Less cost of 117 evaluations: $20,000 (approximately)

Savings to Pflugerville ISD: $1,116,700

Thank you, Alejandro! We appreciate knowing that our work is not only benefiting students, but school districts as well! We greatly appreciate our partnership with you and Pflugerville ISD!


Save BIG with ValidateME!

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