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ValidateME! Provides critical transcript evaluation services for recent immigrants coming to the United States from multiple countries around the world. Transcript evaluation assists with the transition and acculturation of English Learners into our school systems and our communities by communicating respect for the education these individuals bring.  We understand the challenges faced by recent immigrants are many but continuing on a solid and strong educational path towards a high school graduation or a post-secondary education should not be one of them.



ValidateME! is committed to working with, subcontracting with and assisting minority and women-owned business enterprises (M/WBE's) through participation and collaboration of various company projects and contracts.

Our Mission

To serve as a portal to high schools, colleges, agencies or employers in the United States in the proper academic placement of recent immigrants.

Our Goal

To make our services accessible and affordable so that schools and agencies ALWAYS opt for validating the foreign education of immigrants.

Our Passion

To help recent immigrants graduate from high school and pursue a post-secondary education and become contributing members of the communities in which they live.

ValidateME! Services include evaluating transcripts brought by students from their native country as well as procuring transcripts from Mexico upon request. Requests can be made by either the American educational institution or the family of the student.


ValidateME! Services are a WIN-WIN! School districts can potentially see a stark rise in the graduation rate of English Learners as a result of evaluating the education of recent immigrants. Students are motivated by the number of credits or diploma they are awarded, and school districts benefit by not incurring the cost of duplicating their education. On average, states spend $10 - $13,000 + per student per year and with the average credits awarded being NINE; this represents a cost savings to districts of one entire school year. Additionally, students are exempt from end-of-course exams (i.e. Texas) for courses completed outside of the state which also helps these students graduate on time!


Colleges, employers and other agencies may also recognize a foreign education and place individuals accordingly. High school graduation is universal and with their diploma validated, individuals can pursue their passions in whatever realm that may be.

Why Choose

ValidateME! ?

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