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Elizabeth Llongueras

Alejandra de la Fuente

Gretchen Holtsinger



Elizabeth Llongueras M. Ed.
Director of Operations


Gretchen Holtsinger M.A.
Gretchen Holtsinger M.A.
Executive Director
Alejandra de la Fuente M. Ed.
Director of Transcript Evaluations
Our Team of Expert
Transcript & Course Evaluation Analysts
ValidateME! consists of an expert group of transcript and course analysts. Each member of our team is an educator (administrator, counselor or program director) whose professional career has been dedicated to recent immigrants. Each member holds a master's degree and all are bilingual or multilingual. Countries assigned are based on the evaluator's expertise of the particular educational system and its course equivalent to courses/concepts learned in the United States. Our knowledge of countries around the world comes from nearly twenty years of experience correctly evaluating and placing recent immigrants to ensure their academic progress and success.
Technology Partner
Mike D'Ambrogia
 System Design & Development
Cyber Security Expert
Threat Data Science
Support Staff
Ana Maria Delgado 
Patricia Alvarez Tostado
Records Procurement Specialist
Coordinadora de Servicios Académicos en México
Vanessa Llongueras B.S.
 Operations Manager

Janet Ruth Schooley B. A.
Records Manager 
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