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Validate My Education

Transcript evaluation services from any country in the world, in 5 business days or less.


Critical Transcript Evaluation

ValidateME! Provides critical transcript evaluation services for recent immigrants coming to the United States from multiple countries around the world. Transcript evaluation assists with the transition and acculturation of English Learners into our school systems and our communities by communicating respect for the education these individuals bring.


Our Commitment To You

To serve as a portal to high schools, colleges, agencies or employers in the United States in the proper academic placement of recent immigrants.


Here When You Need Us

Foreign transcript evaluations from around the world
Translation of all documents is included
Evaluations completed in 5 business days 
We work with  school districts and families 
Our services are all electronic and secure
Transcript evaluation helps students graduate
Utilizing the foreign transcript evaluation services provided by ValidateME! has been a game changer for our students in Coppell ISD who are new to US schools. The excellent analysis of content and credit from all over the world as compared to Texas courses has allowed campuses to place students in courses appropriate to their knowledge and skills with the evidence of their prior learning outside the US.

More Reasons To Love Us

ValidateME! Services are a WIN-WIN! School districts can potentially see a stark rise in the graduation rate of English Learners as a result of evaluating the education of recent immigrants. Students are motivated by the number of credits or diploma they are awarded, and school districts benefit by not incurring the cost of duplicating their education.

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